Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game
Magic Block Game

Magic Block Game

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Brain Games For Your Kids!

Get hooked with this exciting, fast-paced game for 2 players that sparks your mind and gets your fingers racing! See who’s got the quickest hands and sharpest puzzle solving skills as you dive on one-on-one Rubik's Race Magic Block Puzzle Game.

Time for solving! Players must slide the different colored squares just right so that the middle nine match the cubes in the scrambler. Slam the frame down onto your tiles so it reveals just the nine that match the scrambler. And you've won! This is a perfect bonding and a brilliant competition as well in your family.


  • Rubik's Race Magic Block Puzzle Game is a head-to-head puzzle challenge. Enjoy it by shaking it - sliding it - solving it!
  • Be the first to match the pattern on the scrambler and shut the frame
  • Shake the scrambler and then race to slide your colored panels to mimic the pattern
  • Contains game base, center frame, 48 colored tiles, scrambler, 9 colored mini-cubes and instructions
  • For 2 players, ages 7 and up
  • perfect and great workout for your mind.
  • Improve your logical thinking and strategizing skills to help you solve challenges in your everyday life
  • Switch from the cheap, quick dopamine fixes that come with video games or other luck-based board games
  • This game offers healthy, long-lasting fun as you enjoy your puzzle solving accomplishments.

Package Included :
2 X Game Plate
1 X Frame Connection
1 X Dices Holder
1 X Manual
48 X Magic Block


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